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Friday, October 13, 2017

Rebrand IM clients using the new versions of Bopup IM software

We release major updates Bopup Communication Server, Bopup Messenger and Bopup Observer software. The new versions introduce an enhanced functionality that allows to rebrand instant messengers from the server console and remove Bopup brand from the name of IM clients.

We implemented this according to many requests of our customers and because we also understand an importance of visual integration for the software that is used by employeers day by day. According to this the Bopup brand can be changed to any other brand name such as company/organization name, etc.

The rebrand function is now available in Management Console of IM server
Additional information can be also found in IM Client Branding document in the Online Help section that is also available in Russian language.

The rebrand function depends on a software license and it is available for free only to new customers during their 45-day evaluation period. Existing customers should pay additional cost depending on a total amount of client messengers they own to obtain the access to this function.

Download Bopup Communication Server 5.2, Bopup Messenger 6.9 and Bopup Observer 5.8 — The IM suite for secure and efficient real-time messaging over office LAN and Internet

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bopup Observer minor bugfix

New update of Bopup Observer client has been released and it's version 5.5.4 is available for download. This version fixes a minor issue with showing test message box on the messenger startup if the software was installed using brand-logo.bmp (branding logo image) placed near MSI setup file.

Download Bopup Observer version 5.5.4 — One-way messaging client for Windows

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Structured Contact Lists, instant update of IM client settings... Meet new versions of Bopup IM software!

We are happy to announce that new versions of Bopup IM software have been released. These major updates both of the communication server and instant messenger clients bring all-new and powerful functionality which makes our software more better, handy and useful.

What's new:

Structured Contact Lists

There was very annoying question in our software: plain Contact Lists in the messenger clients. Yes, it works fine if there is a little amount of users on the messaging network. But what's about if there is 50, 100 or more users?

New version 4.1.0 of Bopup Communication Server added a new option that allows to deliver structured, tree-based contacts to connected users. Now users can be shown under their Organizational Units like you they are shown in Management Console on the server.

Instant update of IM clients settings

Another important features is a delivery new and changed settings to the messenger clients without having to wait for a new release. Now client settings can be distributed to users "on-the fly" — on the next connection to the IM server. New versions of the messengers always check for updated settings once they establish a connect with the IM server and download a new set of options if it is available.

Setup.ini Configuration Tool is now a part of the IM server

Do you know about our Setup.ini Configuration Tool? Did you have a chance to use it? Forget about changing and modifying the setup.ini file youself to set the options for the messenger software. Because we built a great tool that let generate or edit existing configuration file through a graphic interface that is similar to the Options dialog of Bopup Messenger.

Now this configuration tool is included to the communication server package. And it is also integrated to server's interface when you create and change IM client settings. Just click to edit the settings and the tool automatically uploads them onto the server.

Multiple conversations are opened in cascade mode

Bopup Messenger added a useful functions that checks and opens multiple sending dialogs in a cascade mode. This prevents a newly opened window from overlapping existings.

Show branding logo in the main window of Bopup Observer

Bopup Observer now shows a branding logo uploaded on the IM server in it's main window too. We added a "Today's Messages" title too (like in Bopup Messenger client) to have a space to get branding logo visible.

Download Bopup Communication Server 4.1.0, Bopup Messenger 6.1.0 and Bopup 5.1.0

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FAQ on Bopup IM software has been appended with 2 new questions/answers

Our FAQ section at added new questions and answers that briefly overviews the new functionality of the server and messengers.

The first question sounds: Can instant messages be sent from the communication server using a command line interface? An answer contains a brief information on bcscmd.exe command line utility which is designed to send personal and group messages from external applications and programs.

The second answer is related to the folowing question: Is it possible to distribute and install the messengers with a built-in brand/company logo? This information belongs to new function supported by the instant messengers when a custom BMP image with the brand-logo.bmp filename can be simply placed near an MSI setup package in order to be distributed, installed and shown in the messenger as a common branding logo.

These questions and FAQ section are also available to Russian clients and customers at

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New versions of the messengers add support for a pre-existing branding logo

New versions of Bopup Messenger 5.4.16 and Bopup Observer 4.3.14 are available for download. The latest releases come with the support of a pre-existing branding logo image file that can be placed near the MSI setup package during installation of the applications.This works similar to pre-configured settings in the Setup.ini file. Create and place your company logo/image with the brand-logo.bmp filename into the same folder where the MSI package is located. When the messenger will be installing or deploying via GPO it will find and use that image file as a common branding logo in the software. Of course, the logo will be always overwritten when you upload a new logo image on Bopup Communication Server from the IM Client Updates & Branding view. For more information about support of pre-existing branding image please refer to the FAQ section at Frequently Asked Questions on IM software

The new version of Bopup Messenger also improves multiple selection in the Contact List area. Now this works like Window Explorer works: when you right-click on currently selected contacts your selection is not cleared.

Friday, July 16, 2010

New version of the IM server fixes issue with a brand logo image

We glad to announce that new version 3.3.15 of Bopup Communication Server has been released. This version fixes bug with displaying uploaded image logo in latest versions of the IM clients.

The new version also includes an updated content help file that now contains topic on installing MS SQL Server 2005 Express Edition as a host database server and information on migration of communication server database to another MS SQL Server software. These topics are also available online on our website on Chat & IM Software page.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Found a problem with a brand logo uploaded on the IM server

We have discovered error with downloading and displaying branding image logo in the IM clients, in Bopup Messenger starting from version 5.4.10 and in Bopup Observer version 4.3.10 and higher. This issue relates to incorrect detection of a client version on the communication server so the logo is not delivered to the messenger. This may cause errors and issues with establishing connection on the messenger startup.

This issue also has an effect with updating IM client versions from Bopup Communication Server. This is a server-side error and it will be fixed ASAP.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Ease to start a chat with your co-workers

The latest version 5.4.13 of Bopup Messenger comes with a new function that overrides how to reply to incoming group message. Now you can set up an option to reply directly to messaging group, not to send a personal message to the sender. This option offers to start a chat session with all users in the group instead of sending personal answer to the sender of group message. You can find the newly added option on the Messaging tab in the Options dialog box.

Version 5.4.13 also contains many other improvements. It marks incoming group messages that have been sent by us as read messages. This hides system tray notifications, sound alerts, etc.

Among the updates mentioned above the latest versions of Bopup Messenger and Bopup Observer fixes receiving new versions and brand image logo from Bopup Communication Server. Sometimes downloading an update of new version in the messenger might hang up and never compete.

Download new versions of the IM clients at Download Center.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Is the branding of the IM software required for a company?

To what extent is the functionality to brand required for companies and business entities? Is this needful to get the branded if a company purchases the software?

We agree that branding is the most important key to embed the to the working environment much better and intergrate it within a company's identity, existing servises and software. But another question is: what is an ease of the branding, what is time and cost to get the branded with a company's logo/image?

There are several ways that are usually provided by software vendors to their customers:
  • Custom installation packages of the software that are already branded with a customer's image.
  • Manual deployment of the branding to the end-user messengers including copying files, configuring settings, etc.
  • Supporting on-the-fly deployment of the brand logo that is uploaded on a to get visible in the connected messengers.