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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New update of Bopup Communication Server

New version 4.3.5 of the communication server is now available for download. This is minor but important update that fixes issues with selection of a huge amount of messages from archive in the console. We noticed that prior versions of the IM server could freeze and hung up if a lot of data is selected in Pending, Delivered, Deleted or Search for Messages views. The new update of the server application selects and shows messages and file transfers faster and with no issues.

Another fix of version 4.3.5 is about exporting Message History to a text file. Since interface of the Management Console shows IP addresses both for recipient and sender we added that information for export too.

Download Bopup Communication Server version 4.3.5

Monday, February 27, 2012

New versions of the instant messengers can export Message History to a text file

Today new minor updates of Bopup Messenger 6.0.3 and Bopup Observer 5.0.3 have been released. The new versions add a function to the Message History dialog that saves selected instant messages and file transfers to a text file. To export messages select one or multiple items from the list by pressing and holding Ctrl key and then click "Save as..." button in the window.

Download latest versions of the instant messaging clients

Friday, February 24, 2012

New version of Bopup Communication Server adds great functions

New version 4.0.9 of Bopup Communication Server has been released. This software is available with a free 45-day trial period and can be downloaded with no any registration from

What's new

Added function to save selected messages and file transfers from Archiving & Logging view to a text file

It is easy now to export selected data from the Message History shown in the Management Console to a text file. Select one or multiple messages and transfers by pressing and holding the Ctrl key and then go to "File\Save As..." in the main menu.

Added option to turn off logging and archiving instant messages sent through the communication server

Sometimes company's security policies require to do not store private information, instant messages and conversation history on it's servers. This improves an overall security and avoids situations when someone can access the message archive. But prior versions of our Bopup Communication Server log all messages sent between users by default and there was no option to disable the history.

New version of the IM server provides the setting to turn off the logging history. Now the Message History can be disabled on the "Logging" tab of the Options dialog box using the "Enable archiving and logging history on the communication server" checkbox. Please note that if you clear that box it will delete all messages currently stored in the IM server archive, i.e. all delivered (sent) and deleted & declined messages. Currently pending messages (offline messages) will not be deleted until those messages will be delivered to their recipients or deleted due to expiration timeout.

Download Bopup Communication Server version 4.0.9