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Friday, December 7, 2012

Bopup IM Live Chat is changed but working again

We were experiencing troubles with our Live Chat function on the website in the past few months because the messenger form stopped working in the middle of August 2012. That was very annoying issue and problem for us and our customers. Since our Live Chat feature was based on Windows Live Messenger platform we tried to find some references on Microsoft's website and support forums. But nothing and no one helped us.

We also noticed that a lot of Windows Live platform has been changed in the past months, like, websites, and thought all the time that the issue we are having with the Live Chat form is a temporary problem. But we were in wrong...

Confirmed: Microsoft To Kill Windows Live Messenger in 2013
Microsoft has officially confirmed that the company will discontinue Windows Live Messenger in 2013, moving all users over to Skype in Q1. This move will include migrating Messenger’s 100 million users to Skype’s platform.

That's the reason why we were having troubles with our Live Chat website form all the past time — Microsoft is slowly killing services related to Windows Live Messenger platform.

Today we migrated and started to use a new Live Chat feature, it looks simply and works like the form from Microsoft. Thus our Live Chat function has been restored and now available on our websites again. Welcome!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Live Chat support is now working again

We glad to inform customers and visitors that Live Chat sales & support is now available again on our websites. The Live Chat messenger stopped working about 1 month ago due to Microsoft's platform issues and we were not able to response to inquiries and questions via website messenger form. Anyway now it is working again that gives another way to reach us more quicker and faster.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Live Chat is temporary unavailable

We have discovered that Live Chat application on our website at is unavailable in the past few hours. We think that this is a Microsoft issue because Live Chat function is based on Windows Live Messenger service. We cannot say when it will start working again, and our apologizes for this problem.

Please notice that only website messenger form is temporary not working. Our toll free US/Canada phone within support and sales e-mails work as well.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Improved Live Chat support on

This is just a notification for our clients and customers about minor but useful improvements of Live Chat messenger available at website. Now it's chat window can be resized in Microsoft Internet Exporer and other major web browsers. The messenger pop up window is also painted in orange color similar to a theme of a whole website.

Another great improvement is that a new floating bar painted green with "Live Chat" title added on the left of the pages. You always see it even you scroll the page up or down.

Do not forget that you can always and quickly contact us if you have some issues, problems or inquiries regarding our software, it's functions and pricing model. It is easy to start a live chat. Just click the Live Chat link on the top right of each page on the website or use the Request for a Live Chat link at the bottom under the Question & Support title.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easily and faster access our Live Support on the Web

Here is a new change on our websites including national-wide,, and domains. Now Live Support button is always available on the top right of the website, on the caption with the B Labs Software company logo.

See the orange button named Live Support with a green icon? Click on it to start a live chat with us and get a response from us instantly within a few seconds.

Monday, November 8, 2010

30% discounts are offered for Bopup IM software to medical and educational organizations

Do you know that we offer great discounts for our software products to non-profit organizations? Medical and educational institutions and organizations can receive 30% discount from a total cost of . Want to get a discount? Just contact us via any e-mail address you can see on our website, by phone, or via Live Help system.

We also have another great offer available to small-size companies and offices. We provide our server-side software, Bopup Communication Server, for free to those clients that are interested in a small number of instant messengers, i.e. the number of concurrent connections to . And if the number of purchased licenses for the IM client software is between 10 and 20 licenses then there is no need to buy Bopup Communication Server too — it comes FREE! This is -$219.00 US discount per a single purchase!

Please visit our pricing and order page to calculate the cost for your amount of licenses.

Monday, November 1, 2010

B Labs technical support and sales dept are available seven days a week

Do you know that our customer and technical support are available 7-days a week including holidays and celebrations? So you can contact us by US toll free phone 877-99-BOPUP (877-992-6787), via e-mails, through our feedback Web form at  or via online messenger installed on our website every day a week from Monday to Sunday!

Have a question, issue or need our immediate assistance? No problem! Just get in touch us with the best way for you.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Live Help & Support is available to users on our websites

New important feature is now available on all our websites including and domains. It is called "Live Help" and allows to send questions, feedbacks, inquiries and get a response instantly via Windows Live Messenger system. This built-in system does not require users and visitors to have their own Live ID to use this IM system. So if a user has no Windows Live Messenger account he is also able to send messages to us and get a reply with a few seconds.

How this looks and works

When a visitor browses our websites he is able to see the "Live Help" window on top left corner of pages. If a user clicks the orange button with B Labs caption there then a new pop-up window appears in the browser with the Messenger interface. It also contains current presence status of our support and pre-sales department, i.e. Online or Offline. To start a conversation with us click "Begin a conversation" link, then the built-in messenger offers to choose which an IM account to use. If a user already has his own Windows Live ID installed in the system then he is able to choose to use that account or send messages to us anonymously. 

By the way, if you already have a Windows Live ID account and use MSN/Windows Live Messenger you can find and contact us via IM system by searching [email protected] e-mail address.