September 12, 2018

New version 5.2.8 of Bopup Communication Server

We updated our Bopup Communication Server product and it's version 5.2.8 is available for download at

Among few minor fixes and improvements the new version creates and writes a log file for Active Directory (LDAP) integration function. So it is possible to check what user accounts were found and imported, and what not.

There is also an important fix for intercommunication between Management Console and service module. We found and fixed a critical issue when the server console run under non-administrator user account or remotely to manage an existing instance of the messaging server. The service did not get and process all delivered data via TCP/IP correctly so some data became missing. This could cause different issues on sending instant messaging from the console to multiple users and groups, adding/removing accounts and updating users' contacts, and many others. So we highly recommend to update an existing versions to the recent release.

Download Bopup Communication Server version 5.2.8 — On-premise instant messaging server that encrypts and logs all data

August 29, 2018

How is Bopup IM cost effective in comparisson with other commercial IM solutions?

Did you mind about the cost difference between on-premise Bopup IM and commercial cloud-based instant messaging solutions? Unlike one-time purchase fee scheme for Bopup software cloud-based IM solutions charge their customers regularly. Basically those charges are based on monthly or annually subscription and it is required to pay recurrently per user number basis.

In fact the use of cloud-based IM solutions is a rent of the software. Even a fee per each user looks as low as $2-3 per month a total sum paid by a customer annualy or during few years period can be expensive.

We prepared a simple chart that shows the cost difference in comparisson of Bopup IM software and cloud-based IM solutions for business. We took $2 US fee per user/month which is a lower cost provided by most of IM vendors on the market. The chart shows the difference for 25, 50 and 100 users because we have same bundles called Standard, Office and Enterprise packs.

The Cost Difference in comparrison with cloud-based IM solutions (annual basis)

The results can shock. Bopup IM is a cheaper up to 50% for the 1st year (purchase price) with a possibility of no mandatory charges for subsequent years. Yes, we give a lifetime license! Also there is a cheap fee for annual subscription to keep the software up-to-date that is not mandatory. Most of cloud-based (rent) solutions have no any discount for next years, there is same cost for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and future years.

In total, if we overview software cost for first 3 years, the results are the following:

25 users for 3 years: Save around $1,100
— Bopup IM costs $460 (Standard Pack) plus $125 for the Upgrade Service subscription per each subsequent year (non-mandatory). It costs $710 for 3 years (or only $460 with no upgrades);
— A cloud-based IM cost $600 for 1st and all next years. It is $50 per month for 25 users, or $1,800 for 3 years!

50 users for 3 years: Bopup IM is cheaper for more than $2,600
— Bopup IM costs $725 (Office Pack) plus $125 for the Upgrade Service subscription per each subsequent year (non-mandatory). It costs $975 for 3 years (or only $725 with no upgrades);
— A cloud-based IM cost $1,200 for 1st and all next years. It is $100 per each month for 50 users, or $3,600 for 3 years!

100 users for 3 years: Do not overpay $5,450
— Bopup IM costs $1,250 (Enterprise Pack) plus $250 for the Upgrade Service subscription per each subsequent year (non-mandatory). It costs $1,750 for 3 years (or only $1,250 with no upgrades);
— A cloud-based IM cost $2,400 for 1st and all next years. It is $200 per month for 100 users, or $7,200 for 3 years!

And this is only the cost difference! There are too many other differences and functional advantages including stand-alone and local messaging server.

Are you still looking for secure and manageble IM that could expand your business, improve real-time communication services between employess in the company? Take a look at Bopup IM — the cost-effective IM solution offered with a free 45-day trial. Try it now!

August 27, 2018

Bopup Messenger version 7.0.3 is available

New improvement of Bopup Messenger client has been released. The new version 7.0.3 improves overall performance of the application by fixing known and minor issues.

Bopup Messenger improved showing messages in conversation. Now messages sent and received in previous date are displayed with Yesterday, 2 days ago, 3 days ago, or with a date stamp. There is also fix with a scrolling the conversation messages once the dialog pops up or it's size is changed.

Another improvement belongs to exporting messages from Message History dialog. Now the messenger saves all selected date in same order as it appears in the list (previous releases kept data in the reverse order).

Bopup Messenger also fixed issue on clicking long length URLs (links) shown both in conversations and Message History dialog.

We also added an improvement that removes the Groups title from Contact List if there are no assigned/available messaging groups to a user, i.e. when a group list is empty.

Download Bopup Messenger version 7.0.3 — The fastest IM client for offices, clinics and all-size companies

August 24, 2018

ООО "1С:Северо-Запад" наш новый партнер по продаже ПО

Мы рады представить нашего нового партнера-реселлера по продаже программного обеспечения Bopup в Северо-Западном регионе России.

ООО "1С:Северо-Запад" является представителем фирмы «1С». Специализируется на дистрибьюции и поддержке экономических программ фирмы «1С», программ для дома и офиса отечественных и зарубежных вендоров.

В настоящий момент компания  является одним из ведущих дистрибьюторов фирмы «1С» и имеет статусы: 1С:Дистрибьютор, Центр Сертифицированного Обучения (ЦСО).

Контактные данные компании доступны на нашем вебсайте под адресу

August 21, 2018

Bopup Observer 6.0 — Major version of the LAN pager software

We are proud to inform that new version 6.0.0 of Bopup Observer client has been released. This is a major update of the messenger software that contains a huge number of improvements, changes and additions.

Bopup Observer is a LAN messenger for one-way urgent messaging and alerting purposes

What's new:

New application interface with changed icons, wizards and toolbars
This release of Bopup Observer now looks similar to recent versions of Bopup Messenger client. It has a updated user interface with modern-look icons and images on toolbars. New graphic is performed in monochrome colors.

Improved exporting messages to a text file
Now the messenger exports and saves messages and file transfers from the history dialog in same order as the data appears in the list. We noticed that previous versions of the app exported data in reverse order.

Fixed error on clicking long URLs in the message text
There was an error in the messenger software when a user clicks on long length links shown in incoming messages. The new release fixes such issues.

Fixed issue with autologon on program startup or after disconnect from IM server
Bopup Observer fixed another annoying issue with automatic logon to the communication server on startup or when an established connection with the server has been interrupted. Now the messenger tries to connect to the messaging server again and again using previously entered credentials within the next 1-2 mins as it should.

Many other improvements and changes
Many unused menu items were removed from popup menu shown in System tray area and there is no confirmation message on program exit. New version of the observer operates smoother and better.

Download Bopup Observer version 6.0.0 — LAN pager software with modern look and built-in IM ecnryption

August 20, 2018

Improvement of Bopup Communication Server

We released new version 5.2.7 of our IM server that added some useful updates and improvements.

Now it is possible to select and remove multiple messaging groups in the server console similar to selection of several user accounts.

Another improvement is about the export message archive to text files. We were reported by our customers that there was a reverse order of the messages and file transfers in a text file in comparison with displaying the same data in the Management Console. Now saving selected conversations and transfers occurs in same order as they are visible in the history views.

Another bugfix relates to SDK clients written on C/C++, C# and/or VB.NET languages. We found out that custom IM clients may hang up on establishing connection to the IM server if the server has a uploaded branding logo image. We fixed that issue so the clients built using the SDK should operate correctly now.

Download Bopup Communication Server version 5.2.7 — Secure instant messaging solution for offices and corporations

August 5, 2018

Fixed connectivity issues to evaluation server running at

We discovered connectivity issues to evaluation server that occurred around one month ago. Even the domain name and website browsed successfully messaging clients for Android and Windows PC could not connect to the IM server.

Now all the issues are fixed and the evaluation instance of Bopup Communication Server is ready to accept connections by using test user accounts.

Browse promo website for more information

July 13, 2018

Tips & Tricks: How to build projects using Bopup IM Client SDK and Visual Studio C#

Bopup IM Client SDK is a COM library that can be used by C++, Visual Basic .NET and VBA (Microsoft Office) developers incliding programmers in C# language.

But last ones face with a strange exception by calling EnumXXX methods of IServerClientVB class of SDK. Those methods accepts Arrays as parameters (System.Array) that are marshalled to SAFEARRAY objects in the COM. Calling these methods fails with the exception

System.ArgumentException: The parameter is incorrect. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070057 (E_INVALIDARG)) 

The resolution is pretty simple and easy. It requires to enable the "Make assembly COM-visible" option in the project settings. Click Project menu and choose Properties... Then click "Assembly information..." button in Application section. The required checkbox is there. Click OK to confirm changes and then save project settings.

Download Bopup IM Client SDK — Build custom messenger app in C++, C# and Visual Basic .NET

June 16, 2018 domain is moved to website

We experienced issues with our website that contains information in Italian language that stopped work few months ago. The problem was in our registrar so we decide to move it to a subdomain at Now the website is working so our customers from Italy may access it to read informaiton about Bopup IM software and download fully localized setup packages of the messenger apps in Italian language.

Visit website in Italian language

June 15, 2018

Available pricing for rebranding feature

Pricing for IM client rebranding feature is now available and the service is offered for purchase. The rebranding function allows to remove Bopup brand from IM client applications and replace it within a custom brand name. This lets get the messengers branded to customer's company name, for example to name the software as Clinic Messenger or My Office Messenger.

Branding client messengers from the server console

Pricing for the Rebrand functionality is based on annual subscription and it depends on a number of connections supported by IM server license so it is an extra fee for $10 US per each messenger connection. For example, for 10 connections the rebrand function costs additional $100 per year (10 x $10), and for 25 messengers the subscription costs $250, and etc.

The Rebrand function is not mandatory and it is offered as extra service for additional cost. Customers even they did not purchase the Rebrand service are still able to use standard built-in functionality to place and display company logo in the messenger clients with a custom URL.

We also added pricing for the Rebrand service to our calculation form on the website at where the "Include Rebrand feature" checkbox is now available.

Know more about IM client branding function in Bopup Communication Server

June 9, 2018

Our websites have been moved to HTTPS

HTTPS encryption protects the channel between your browser and the website you’re visiting, ensuring no one in the middle can tamper with the traffic or spy on what you’re doing. Without that encryption, someone with access to your router or ISP could intercept information sent to websites or inject malware into otherwise legitimate pages.

Starting from July 2018 the popular Chrome web browser will mark all HTTP sites as insecure that may cause "trust" issues for visitors even a website works correctly and does not violate user's privacy.

No any changes come to end-users. They all will be able to browse our websites and download links using previous names. Web browsers now automatically forward to HTTPS address.

May 19, 2018

Messenger for Android added Contact search function

New version 1.3.3 of Bopup Messenger for Android platform added Contact search function and options to sort users in Contact List.

The Contacts search field is shown above the contacts and typing first letters instantly displays users whose names start with typed symbols.

A similar functionality is available in the Organize Contact List dialog.

New version is also added option to sort shown contacts by their first, last or account names. Only online contacts can be also shown. New options are available in the Settings screen under Contacts section.

Download Bopup Messenger for Android version 1.3.3 — Secure mobile messenger for private business communications