December 12, 2011

New updates for the communicaton server and messenger software are available

New versions both of the communication server and IM client software have been released.

What's new

Bopup Communication Server version 4.0.3 adds xml manifest files into setup package that are placed into installation directory of the server application. Those manifest files added to support registration-free COM on latest versions of Windows system.

Latest versions of the instant messengers, Bopup Messenger version 6.0.2 and Bopup Observer version 5.0.2, fix automatic authorization with the communication server if Windows Authentication is used. Sometimes the IM clients might display the Login page to enter the user's name and password instead of automatic and silent authentication with Bopup Communication Server if the user is already logged to domain network.

Download the latest version of the instant messaging software

November 22, 2011

Critical update of Bopup Communication Server software

We need to inform our customers that new version of Bopup Communication Server is available for download. Version 4.0.2 fixes a critical bug with delivering offline messages to Bopup Observer messenger client. But at the same time sending offline messages to Bopup Messenger client works without any issues.

It is strongly recommended to update the IM server software if you have Bopup Observer clients on your network environment. Otherwise you can ignore this important update.

Download Bopup Communication Server version 4.0.2

November 13, 2011

Minor updates of the instant messenger software are available

New versions of Bopup Messenger and Bopup Observer IM clients have been released which fix small issues with Message History interface. These updates resolve errors with saving text messages into local history db containg a single quote (') sign. Now all messages can be properly saved into the Message History and displayed from it with no issues.

Download Bopup Messenger version 6.0.1 and Bopup Observer version 5.0.1

November 9, 2011

Minor update of Bopup Communication Server. It's version 4.0.1 released.

A new small update of Bopup IM Server software is available for download.

New version 4.0.1 fixes issues that are affected to new users of the . Thus some bugs were resolved in the Setup Wizard of the communication server which does not open a link to our Guide on installing MS SQL Server 2005/2008 Express Edition instead of built-in MSDE 2000 software. Another important error in the installation was incorrect name of the SQL database written into system registry. If the setup package without MSDE 2000 software was used (bcserver.msi setup file) then that problem affects to all users that tried to set up the communication server version 4.0.0 using an existing SQL server.

Download Bopup Communication Server version 4.0.1

November 8, 2011

Meet all-new BOPUP.COM website

This post is not related to our instant messaging software but refers to a new design of our website at It is fully re-designed and made easy, modern and nice looking. We sure that the new design is a next level in our roadmap on development and growth of Bopup IM software. Thanks for staying with us.

October 26, 2011

New magor versions of Bopup IM software are now available!

We glad to announce that we released new major updates both of the communication server and instant messaging client software. Bopup Communication Server 4.0, Bopup Messenger 6.0 and Bopup Observer 5.0 are now available on our website at Download Center

The new releases look and work like prior versions of the software. But great improvements and changes are inside: the software is built on a all-new client/server communication protocol which was improved and made more stable and flexible.

Since version 4.0 of the communication server is incompatible with prior versions of the instant messaging clients then existing IM software should be updated in a right way. Please review the How to upgrade prior versions of Bopup Communication Server to version 4.0 and update the IM clients document which explains how to move and migrate to the new versions both of the IM server and messenger software more quick and easy.

Whats new:

Among a huge number of improvements, changes and additions the new version of Bopup Communication Server introduces a new user account type: "Power User" to addition to existing "Administrator" and "User" types. This account type received permissions to send urgent messages and set advanced options for outgoing file transfers like administrators.

See the table below that shows permissions for all available user account types.

October 7, 2011

Tips & Tricks: How to connect to the communication server outside Windows Domain network?

Sometimes users ask us about how they can connect to Bopup Communication Server from the , for example from a home computer, if Windows Authentication (SSPI) is used by default on the IM server. They are supposed to get the Login pane but the messenger client shows only "User account not found on the IM server" error message and no login and password fields are displayed in the IM client. There is a small trick to enable this:

Create new active and unused user account (with any name) on the communication server and set the Private login/password authentication for it

This will force the instant messenger to display the Login tab when the default authentication fails and allow the user to enter his domain account name in the "DOMAIN\User" format and his password to connect to Bopup Communication Server if first authentication using SSPI returns an error.

September 8, 2011

New versions of Bopup Messenger and Bopup Observer clients have been released

New updates of are available: Bopup Messenger version 5.6.2 and Bopup Observer version 4.4.2

What's new
Fixed error on decompressing (unpacking) received files occurred on some computers.

We were reported by some of our customers that sometimes they experienced an error on receiving files from the IM server and other users in the messenger. They got an error on a step of decompressing receiving files after the data is properly received. We found that this issue refers to file system I/O in Windows when a temporary file created by the instant messenger could not be overwritten by a new one. This caused the error on unpacking received files.

Fixed issues with stored positions of windows and dialogs if the screen resolution in Windows changed.
Another strange and funny problem may appear if the screen resolution in Windows on a user's monitor is changed. Since the messenger stores it's previous positions and sizes of windows and dialogs then the program can be displayed out of bounds of the user's desktop if a new screen resolution is lower.

Download the latest versions of the messenger and observer clients

August 10, 2011

Known issue: Bopup Communication Server service disappears from Windows Services list

Sometimes due to unknown reasons Bopup Communication Server may disappear from Services List in Windows so the communication server stops working. In order to resolve this problem you have to register the service manually to get it visible and start from the Management Console again. Follow the step below to register the service file.

  1. Open installation directory of the communication server in Windows Explorer. By default that directory is located at \Program Files\Bopup Communication Server. 
  2. Click Start menu and choose Run... option from there. This will open a command field.
    Select bcssrvc.exe file (communication service) and drag-n-drop it from opened folder to the Run... text field. 
  3. Type /service command line argument after full path of the inserted service file so the run string looks like as "PATH\bcssrvc.exe" /service. 
  4. Press Enter to run the command and register the communicaton server in Windows system. Then open the Management Console and start the service.

July 29, 2011

Bopup Messenger 5.6.1 and Bopup Observer 4.4.1 fix issues with updating/removing existing common settings using a new setup.ini file

New versions of the have been released: Bopup Messenger version 5.6.1 and Bopup Observer version 4.4.1. These versions fix minor issues with deleting existing common settings from the [MESSAGING] section of the INI file on upgrade.

The new version of Bopup Messenger client also adds Ctrl+F5 hotkey in the main window to retrieve and update Contact List and assigned messaging groups from the communication server in manual mode.

We have also updated the SETUP.INI file in the Downloads section on our website because version of the configuration file did not include the most of newly added settings from the [RECEIVING] section designed for receiving group and news messages supported by the latest versions of the messengers.

Download new versions of the Bopup IM client software

July 28, 2011

Our new reseller in Russia: SoftMarket24

We have signed a partnership with SoftMarket24 company which now represents and sells our online in Russian Federation area. Our chat and IM products are available for purchase at

July 5, 2011

Purchase multiple IM software products at a single order page

A great improvement has been added to placing online orders functionality. Now if a customer purchases Bopup Communication Server, Bopup Messenger and/or Bopup Observer software there are no needs to fill out forms for each product separately. Just use our online calculation form to get a cost for the IM software at page and click the Place online order for the IM software link appears within results. It forwards to a common checkout page of multiple IM products.

June 24, 2011

New versions of the instant messenger enhance receiving and notification usability

New major versions of the IM clients have been released today. Bopup Messenger version 5.6.0 and Bopup Observer version 4.4.0 add and improve message receiving performance. The new versions add separate notification settings for receiving personal messages, i.e. messages sent directly to a user, and for receiving group and news messages. This allows to tune the messengers more effectively and handy.

In addition in order to do not overload a single tab of the options dialog box Bopup Messenger adds different tab for the sending options.

SETUP.INI file changes
Since sending and receiving options have been moved to another tabs in Bopup Messenger client the SETUP.INI configuration file has been also changes by a little. Settings from [MESSAGING] tab have been moved to two different sections: to [SENDING] and [RECEIVING].

The new version of Bopup Messenger also moves the "OpenMinimizedSendingDialog" option from [HIDDEN] section of the SETUP.INI file to [RECEIVING] section. It is also available for receiving group/news messages and added as a new "GroupOpenMinimizedSendingDialog" setting too. For more information please download and see comments in the SETUP.INI configuration file So if you use and plan to distribute the new versions of the instant messaging clients via the setup.ini file please update your existing file first.

Download new versions of the instant messengers

May 23, 2011

Bopup Scanner version 2.1.7

New version of Bopup Scanner is available. Version 2.1.7 comes with minor improvements and changes.

This network tool is designed for administrators who want to scan a LAN and get NetBIOS names (logged user names) within MAC and IP addresses of available computers. Bopup Scanner does not require installation and can be simply copied on another computer, USB flash drive, etc.

Download Bopup Scanner 2.1.7

April 27, 2011

Minor version update of Bopup Communication Server

Bopup Communication Server version 3.3.26 has been released. This version of the IM server adds minor improvements and changes.

By the way, it is easy to install over existing software. Do you read our How to apply patches and upgrades for the Bopup Instant Messaging (IM) software article that describes an upgrading procedure both for the communication server and ?

Download Bopup Communication Server version 3.3.26

April 24, 2011

Meet our UK software reseller: QBS Software Limited company

We extend our software distribution channels and know how this question is important. We are proud to inform our customers in UK area that we start to sell our Instant Messaging (IM) and chat software products throught QBS Software Limited company, the largest, famous and leading software supplier in Europe.

About QBS Software Limited

Established in 1987 to provide tools to the developer community, QBS Software has expanded to become a leading software supplier in Europe providing thousands of products to developers, designers, IT Managers, Network Administrators, DBAs and Corporate Buyers. Products range from IDEs to code tools, components to Installation tools as well as security, reporting, installation, web, database, help creation, system tools and application software.

QBS has developed a keen expertise in product marketing and management alongside sophisticated in-house publishing and fulfilment. We have an extensive network of industry connections and commercial relationships with software publishers and vendors throughout the world, many of whom rely on QBS Software to build strong markets for them in the UK and Europe. QBS Software is an active participant in leading industry exhibitions, conferences and roadshows and works closely with various user groups.

The QBS web site is an integral part of our business, providing up-to-date news and product information and a practical and secure online purchasing facility.

We also provide software immediately via ESD (Electronic Software Delivery) for certain products.

Visit QBS Software Limited website at

April 12, 2011

The communication server improves selection in the Organizational Units trees

New version 3.3.25 of Bopup Communication Server comes with a little but useful improvement. It adds a function called "Invert selection" that appears in the "OU Permissions" dialog to manage visible Organizational Units to a specific unit. The same button is added on the "Accessibility Options" tab of the Messaging Group properties.

This function inverts currently selected Organizational Units in the tree: checked boxes become unchecked, and vise versa, unchecked units are reverted to a checked state. The new function helps administrators and managers to select required Organizational Units with ease and more quickly.

Download Bopup Communication Server version 3.3.25

April 9, 2011

Bopup Messenger fixes issues with sending instant messages to multiple recipients

New version 5.5.13 of Bopup Messenger is ready for download. This fixes issues that occur on sending messages simultaneously to multiple users and/or assigned messaging groups.

What's new:

As you know the messenger supports multiple selection in the Contact List/Groups by pressing and holding Ctrl key. So if a user selects multiple recipients on the "My Contacts" tab in the main window of the messenger, clicks "Send message" button to open sending dialog box, types his message and presses the "Send message" button then the following error message is shown even multiple users are selected: "Please select one or multiple recipients from your contacts".

Another issue is related to displaying message in the Conversation field of the sending dialog box if it has been sent to multiple recipients. The message text appears missing or with a very small size of the font.

Download Bopup Messenger version 5.5.13

April 8, 2011

Minor update of the communication server software for business IM

Today, 8th April 2011, new version of Bopup Communication Server has been released. Version 3.3.24 comes with minor bug fixes and improvements.

This version fixes several user's interface (UI) bugs when some text labels and captions were not shown properly. Another bug fixes are related to notification messages that are sent to connected users if some to another. The server might incorrectly send different notifications to the same connected user simultaneously instead of sending a single message only.

Download Bopup Communication Server 3.3.24

April 3, 2011

New version of our free network scanner software

Do you know that we also have Bopup Scanner freeware product? That network utility is a useful tool for network administrators and users who want to explore their local area network (LAN) and to find all available computers within IP and MAC addresses, logged user names from NetBIOS table. The scanner also recognizes and displays HTTP (Web) servers running on remote computers on a LAN by scanning 80 and 8080 TCP/IP ports.

New version 2.1.6 fixes a critical error which may occur immediately after the scan process completes.

Find our more about our Bopup Scanner software on the product page at

April 2, 2011

Critical fix: Issue with a blank convesation in the Sending Session dialog

New version of Bopup Messenger 5.5.12 have been released. It fixes a critical issue with a blank conversation dialog that appears in the Sending Session window if it automatically pops up on incoming new message. This bug occurs only of the local Message History in the messenger is turned on and only in versions 5.5.10 and 5.5.11 of the .

We strongly recommend our customers and clients to update their messenger software to avoid this issue. New version 5.5.12 can be downloaded from

March 31, 2011

Easily and faster access our Live Support on the Web

Here is a new change on our websites including national-wide,, and domains. Now Live Support button is always available on the top right of the website, on the caption with the B Labs Software company logo.

See the orange button named Live Support with a green icon? Click on it to start a live chat with us and get a response from us instantly within a few seconds.

March 29, 2011

Improved automatic startup of the messegers on deployment via MSI setup package with setup.ini file

New versions of Bopup Messenger and Bopup Observer come with a little improvement that offers automatic startup the IM client on user's first logon in Windows. If the and with the help of the setup.ini file which includes the "RunOnStartup=1" setting then the automatic startup of the IM client will be applied to all users on the same computer.

This is important addition which now offers faster and easier start to use the messengers after the (LDAP) catalog.

Download Bopup Messenger version 5.5.11 and Bopup Observer version 4.3.25

March 23, 2011

Known issue: Silent upgrade of the IM clients requires administrative rights

A new issue has been discovered by us. It belongs to the UpgradeUI setting under the [INSTALL] section of the setup.ini configuration file that can be used on clear installations and/or upgrading existing versions of the .

The UpgradeUI option controls the user interface (UI) mode that should be displayed by the Setup Wizard of the IM client on upgrading an existing version via MSI setup package. This option can be used only if a new version of the messenger is distributed from the communication server.

The following values are accepted:
0 — Show dialogs of the Setup Wizard with automated processing of an upgrade.
1 — Display only progress indicator with no any dialogs.
2 — Silent mode with displaying no progress bar and dialogs.

So if the UpgradeUI=2 is used then the MSI setup package is launched with the /quiet command line parameter which requires administrative rights on a client computer! We advise our customers to do not use this value if they are not sure that the installation package of the instant messenger will be launched under a user with administrative rights on computer.

March 19, 2011

New versions of Bopup Messenger and Bopup Observer come with Dutch setup packages

New updates of the are available for downloads. Bopup Messenger version 5.5.10 and Bopup Observer version 4.3.24 are ready to be installed from

Starting from these versions of the Dutch versions are also offered. We are working on our new domain in Dutch langauge and it will be available soon.

Bopup Messenger 5.5.10 also fixes missing messages in conversations displayed in the sending dialog box. That bug may occur if the local Message History is enabled in the messenger.

March 10, 2011

The SETUP.INI is extended to provide more customization in the instant messengers

New versions of the have been released: Bopup Messenger 5.5.9 and Bopup Observer 4.3.23 are available for download. These versions of the IM clients provide support for updated and improved setup.ini configuration which now offers more customization on clear installations and extends managing existing settings on upgrades of the software.

What's new:

Added "ReceivingFolder" option in the setup.ini file to specify a directory for received files
By default, the instant messengers store all received files and documents in user's My Documents folder by creating Bopup Messenger or Bopup Observer (depends on IM client) subdirectory there. Now that folder can be specified through the setup.ini configuration file and set as a "common" option for all users on the same computer.

Added "CreateDateSubfolders" option in the setup.ini file
The newly added option called "CreateDateSubfolders" allows to control creation of subdirectories in the receiving folder called current date. By default, the instant messengers always create new subfolders in the receiving directory to place received data. Now that setting can be set off.

Added functionality to remove installed "common" options on upgrade 
Another major addition is an ability to delete existing "common" options in the IM client software on installing new versions (upgrade procedure). "Common" settings could be always overwritten by specifying new values in the setup.ini file during upgrade. Now "common" options can be also removed from the software by specifying "-" (minus sign) as a value of the setting. For more information refer comments and descriptions in the setup.ini configuration file.

No needs to place the setup.ini file with the same options 
A great change is added to the MSI package functionality. Now there are no needs to place setup.ini file with the same options each time on installing new versions/upgrades to keep existing "common" settings. If the instant messengers were previously installed with a set of non-changed settings then all new versions can be installed over existing software with no applying the setup.ini file: all previously set settings will be kept unchanged and will not be deleted.

Download the new versions of the instant messengers and the setup.ini

March 7, 2011

Meet our reseller in Israel, the Softense LTD company

We glad to announce and promote our new reseller that operates in Israel. Softense LTD company now starts to sell and distribute our .

About Softense

Softense is an innovative Israeli company specializing in providing international software licensing to commercial and institutional customers.

We pride ourselves with the best service and a fast time to delivery. Any of your requests will be dealt with utmost care. You will be updated constantly about the current status of your request and available options, but more of that: We will further work for you on your evolving software needs. Today you might be interested in managing network software tools; tomorrow you might need another software license, such as development tools. You will find it all with Softense.

Our customers are varied and include government offices, major industrial corporations, high-tech and startup companies and many others. We supply development and testing tools, system and server licenses, desktop applications, design and media tools and a lot more.

You can find more information about Softense and offered services by visiting company website at

February 27, 2011

Issues with the SETUP.INI configuration file of the IM client software

New issue has been discovered by us on using the setup.ini configuration file to setup common and predefined settings both in Bopup Messenger and Bopup Observer client products. The issue is related to keeping existing common options on upgrading the to a new version.

Current functionality requires that the setup.ini must be used with the same or overwritten values on upgrade via MSI setup package. Otherwise all the common settings in the messenger applied to all users on the computer will be deleted and will be set as allowed to change (inverted from the "grayed out" state).

Currently we think on this issue and will provide a way on how to keep existing common settings in the software even a new setup.ini file is not used on an upgrade. At the same time, of course, we need to implement a way on how to remove currently installed common options. We will keep posted our users and customers on changes we can make, stay updated!

February 26, 2011

New versions of the instant messenger add the functionality of forwarding messages and fix security issues

Today new versions of Bopup Messenger 5.5.8 and Bopup Observer 4.3.22 have been released.

This use adds a new function called "Forward message". Now Bopup Messenger offers forwarding of incoming messages to other recipients and employees. It is easy to perform this: click the "Forward message" on the toolbar on the "Today's Messages" screen or select the "Message/Forward..." item from the main menu or use Ctrl+D hotkey.

The new versions of the instant messaging clients also fix issues that are related to security and confidentiality area. Now if users use the messenger under the same Windows logon ID on the same computer and enter to the IM network with Private login/password then the IM application stores all the user's settings and message history files separately.

Download updated versions of the instant messengers

February 6, 2011

Download new versions of Bopup Messenger and Bopup Observer

There are small updates of the available for downloads. New Bopup Messenger version 5.5.7 and Bopup Observer 4.3.21 disable the "Clear current history..." button in the Options dialog box if the common "LogHistory" setting is set via setup.ini file. This is important feature to keep user's message history and restrict him from deleting the log if the history should be kept for all users on a computer by default.

Download new versions of the messengers

January 14, 2011

New version of the Instant Messaging (IM) Server for office and business needs

New version of Bopup Communication Server is available! Version 3.3.23 fixes minor issues and comes with a lot of improvements.

What's new?

Fixed deletion of File Distribution Task in the left tree of the Management Console

This bug fix is related to . If you right-click on the task in the left tree and select the "Delete" from the context menu then the task is deleted but still appears in the tree.

Fixed issue on assigning users to File Distribution Task and News Message if an administrator cancels the Assign dialog box by clicking the Cancel button

Previous version of the Management Console worked incorrectly if you add/assign new users or manage existing users for News Messages and File Distribution Tasks. If you click Cancel in the Add/Remove Users dialog box then the changed you have made were not reseted and were applied again if you open that dialog box again.

Download Bopup Communication Server version 3.3.23

January 9, 2011

BOPUP.COM is set as our primary domain name

We would like to inform our clients and partners that our primary domain name has been changed to domain. For the past 8 years we have the as our primary domain name and now the time has come to change it.

As you may know we already have several localized domain names that work and appear in German, Spanish and Russian languages. They are, and domains. And now is available as our global and international website.

Do not worry about domain if you have any links, shortcuts or e-mail addresses associated with it. All links to our old domain and existing e-mail addresses ending with stay working.

January 8, 2011

New updates for the instant messenger software

Today, January 8, 2011, new versions of Bopup Messenger 5.5.6 and Bopup Observer 3.4.20 have been released. In addition to a lot of small improvements and minor bug fixes the new versions of the fix an issue with multiple startup of the messenger if the is used by multiple users on the same computer or terminal server. Now the IM client software stores all it's settings in the registry under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER root even an administrator runs the program. This will restrict from creation of duplicate registry keys that causes two running instances of the messenger when a user logs and enters to Windows.

Download new versions of the instant messaging client software from

January 4, 2011

Small update of the one-way messaging client: Bopup Observer version 4.3.19 released

After a release of Bopup Messenger 5.5.5 we've built a new version of Bopup Observer. It's version 4.3.19 includes the same bug fixes and additions that come with the . The changes are:

  • Added support for the "UpgradeIU" option in the setup.ini file that manages the Setup Wizard interface on upgrade
  • Fixed error with deleting and reseting settings of the program on upgrade

Download Bopup Observer version 4.3.19

January 3, 2011

Bopup Messenger version 5.5.5 fixes and improves notification functionality on receiving new messages

Today, the first version of the Bopup IM software has been released in 2011 year. Bopup Messenger version 5.5.5 is now available for download. What are advantages that come with this version?

Fixed error on sending messages with Enter key if multiple sending dialogs are opened

This bug fix is related to the "Send messages with Enter key" option in the messenger. If that option is enabled and multiple sending dialogs are opened then the Enter key works only in the last opened dialog.

Fixed small issues with contact list icon notification and flashing dialog titles on receiving messages

Previous versions starting from 5.5.3 added a new function that flashes sending dialog titles in the Task Bar if a new message comes and should be red. There were some minor bugs and issues with it and sometimes the dialog title still flashes even the new message has been displayed and red.

Fixed issue with two instances of the messenger after Windows system starts

We heard from our users that sometimes the messenger starts twice on Windows startup. We found that Bopup Messenger creates two run values in the registry because it incorrectly detects a version of Windows.

Fixed error with deleting and reseting settings of the program on upgrade

This is a very annoying bug because all user's settings are reseted and not restored on upgrading to a new version if a common setup.ini file is not used on a computer. This bug comes from version 5.5.2 in which we add support for predefined options in the setup.ini.

Added support for the "UpgradeIU" option in the setup.ini file that manages the Setup Wizard interface on upgrade

A new option in the setup.ini configuration file is added. It is called "UpgradeIU" and is located under the new [INSTALL] section of the file. This option lets manage a user interface of the Setup Wizard on an upgrade procedure. Please note that the option will work only if you feature on the communication server, upload the MSI package and use the setup.ini file. You can specify and set one from 3 available modes: 1) Show setup dialogs with automated update; 2) Show only progress indicator on upgrade; 3) Use a silent mode with no setup dialogs and progress.
For more information see description of the setting in the setup.ini file itself.

Download the new version of Bopup Messenger 5.5.5 and update your existing setup.ini file from

January 2, 2011

B Labs team wishes Happy New Year!

Our team congratulates our clients, customers, partners and wishes all of them Happy 2011 Year! We hope that the new year will bring new and great results, and we'll do all possible to make our clients' businesses prosper and improve their .

In the past 2010 year we worked hard and released 12 new versions of Bopup Communication Server software and more than 13 updates for Bopup Messenger and Bopup Observer messaging clients. We have a lot of plans to improve existing software and have a roadmap on implementing and releasing . Hope you will enjoy our new IM software and will stay with us.

Thank you for your choice and Happy New Year!