May 7, 2019

Great improvements of Bopup Messenger for Android platform

We improved our Bopup Messenger for Android application. It's new version 1.6.1 added support for notifications on new messages shown in Status Bar area on top of the device screen. Within a good visible message icon the app includes texts and senders of unread messages.

The latest release of the messenger also changes formatting for displaying group and News messages. Now groups are shown within # sign instead of @ symbol before their names in conversations which is now used for News messages, i.e. vice versa.

There is also many other changes in the messenger interface such as text color and other formatting.

Download Bopup Messenger for Android version 1.6.1 — Small and fast secure messenger for business networks including LAN, Wi-Fi and Internet

May 4, 2019

Bopup Communication Server 5.4.3 is released

We released new update of the self-hosted instant messaging server, it is version 5.4.3 The new release fixes issue with sender's first and last names that can be empty when the message is sent from Bopup Messenger for Android client. So we recommend to update the server software in anyway even mobile clients are not used in the system.

The new update also improves a version upgrade procedure of remote Management Console (Admin mode). Now the setup detects, stops and removes messaging service wrongly installed by prior versions of Bopup Communication Server.

Download Bopup Communication Server version 5.4.3 — Managed self-hosted instant messaging software for small office and large enterprise networks