March 31, 2011

Easily and faster access our Live Support on the Web

Here is a new change on our websites including national-wide,, and domains. Now Live Support button is always available on the top right of the website, on the caption with the B Labs Software company logo.

See the orange button named Live Support with a green icon? Click on it to start a live chat with us and get a response from us instantly within a few seconds.

March 29, 2011

Improved automatic startup of the messegers on deployment via MSI setup package with setup.ini file

New versions of Bopup Messenger and Bopup Observer come with a little improvement that offers automatic startup the IM client on user's first logon in Windows. If the and with the help of the setup.ini file which includes the "RunOnStartup=1" setting then the automatic startup of the IM client will be applied to all users on the same computer.

This is important addition which now offers faster and easier start to use the messengers after the (LDAP) catalog.

Download Bopup Messenger version 5.5.11 and Bopup Observer version 4.3.25

March 23, 2011

Known issue: Silent upgrade of the IM clients requires administrative rights

A new issue has been discovered by us. It belongs to the UpgradeUI setting under the [INSTALL] section of the setup.ini configuration file that can be used on clear installations and/or upgrading existing versions of the .

The UpgradeUI option controls the user interface (UI) mode that should be displayed by the Setup Wizard of the IM client on upgrading an existing version via MSI setup package. This option can be used only if a new version of the messenger is distributed from the communication server.

The following values are accepted:
0 — Show dialogs of the Setup Wizard with automated processing of an upgrade.
1 — Display only progress indicator with no any dialogs.
2 — Silent mode with displaying no progress bar and dialogs.

So if the UpgradeUI=2 is used then the MSI setup package is launched with the /quiet command line parameter which requires administrative rights on a client computer! We advise our customers to do not use this value if they are not sure that the installation package of the instant messenger will be launched under a user with administrative rights on computer.

March 19, 2011

New versions of Bopup Messenger and Bopup Observer come with Dutch setup packages

New updates of the are available for downloads. Bopup Messenger version 5.5.10 and Bopup Observer version 4.3.24 are ready to be installed from

Starting from these versions of the Dutch versions are also offered. We are working on our new domain in Dutch langauge and it will be available soon.

Bopup Messenger 5.5.10 also fixes missing messages in conversations displayed in the sending dialog box. That bug may occur if the local Message History is enabled in the messenger.

March 10, 2011

The SETUP.INI is extended to provide more customization in the instant messengers

New versions of the have been released: Bopup Messenger 5.5.9 and Bopup Observer 4.3.23 are available for download. These versions of the IM clients provide support for updated and improved setup.ini configuration which now offers more customization on clear installations and extends managing existing settings on upgrades of the software.

What's new:

Added "ReceivingFolder" option in the setup.ini file to specify a directory for received files
By default, the instant messengers store all received files and documents in user's My Documents folder by creating Bopup Messenger or Bopup Observer (depends on IM client) subdirectory there. Now that folder can be specified through the setup.ini configuration file and set as a "common" option for all users on the same computer.

Added "CreateDateSubfolders" option in the setup.ini file
The newly added option called "CreateDateSubfolders" allows to control creation of subdirectories in the receiving folder called current date. By default, the instant messengers always create new subfolders in the receiving directory to place received data. Now that setting can be set off.

Added functionality to remove installed "common" options on upgrade 
Another major addition is an ability to delete existing "common" options in the IM client software on installing new versions (upgrade procedure). "Common" settings could be always overwritten by specifying new values in the setup.ini file during upgrade. Now "common" options can be also removed from the software by specifying "-" (minus sign) as a value of the setting. For more information refer comments and descriptions in the setup.ini configuration file.

No needs to place the setup.ini file with the same options 
A great change is added to the MSI package functionality. Now there are no needs to place setup.ini file with the same options each time on installing new versions/upgrades to keep existing "common" settings. If the instant messengers were previously installed with a set of non-changed settings then all new versions can be installed over existing software with no applying the setup.ini file: all previously set settings will be kept unchanged and will not be deleted.

Download the new versions of the instant messengers and the setup.ini

March 7, 2011

Meet our reseller in Israel, the Softense LTD company

We glad to announce and promote our new reseller that operates in Israel. Softense LTD company now starts to sell and distribute our .

About Softense

Softense is an innovative Israeli company specializing in providing international software licensing to commercial and institutional customers.

We pride ourselves with the best service and a fast time to delivery. Any of your requests will be dealt with utmost care. You will be updated constantly about the current status of your request and available options, but more of that: We will further work for you on your evolving software needs. Today you might be interested in managing network software tools; tomorrow you might need another software license, such as development tools. You will find it all with Softense.

Our customers are varied and include government offices, major industrial corporations, high-tech and startup companies and many others. We supply development and testing tools, system and server licenses, desktop applications, design and media tools and a lot more.

You can find more information about Softense and offered services by visiting company website at