January 14, 2024

Meet "Sealed messaging" functionality

 New versions of Bopup IM client/server software introduce all-new functionality called "Sealed messages". This is a new type of instant messaging that requires an opening (unsealing) text messages before they can be viewed and read. Once message is unsealed the sender gets a notification on that and unsealed date/time is added into conversation.

The new function is enabled on the communication server and after that it appears in the messenger options. The sealed messages can be sent among regular instant messages since there can be 2 options available in the sending dialog — send sealed or regular message. But it is also possible to configure the messenger and always exchange with sealed messages.

Turning on the sealed messaging on the IM server

When a new sealed message is received the messenger hides a whole conversation and notifies a user that it is required to unseal the message to see and read it.

Receipt of sealed messages in Bopup Messenger client

Within a getting the recipient's reaction by a sender that the message has been opened and viewed the sealed messaging makes overall communication more secure and confidential. In some cases it prevents viewing and reading arrived messages by someone who may stay close to the recipient's workstation.