December 30, 2009

Known issue: File Distribution tasks are not applied to IP users

We inform you that the latest version 3.3.9 of Bopup Communication Server does not perform to users that are assigned to Messaging Group by a IP range criteria. This means that you if you have the File Distribution task with a list of assigned groups, and one or more from those groups assign users by a range of IP addresses, then the task will not be distributed to those users.

This is a known issue and it will be fixed in the next releases of the communication server.

Articles that describe an upgrade procedure have been updated

There some updates in the articles in the Update Center that contain step-by-step information on how to upgrade existing versions of the software and apply patches on-the-fly. We've removed a step that mentions you that all program files should be closed before the patch or new version will be installed.

Our installation packages both for the automatically close the program when the new version is being installed. So there are no needs to close, for example, the Management Console on the or opened .

You can review the upgrade procedure both in English and Russian.

December 29, 2009

Searching functionality has been added on the communication server

We glad to announce that new function is available in Bopup Communication Server version 3.3.9. Now you can easily search and display messages and file transfers from the archive by a range of different criterias. 

We implemented the search feature as a built-in pane in the Archiving & Logging view in the Management Console. It shows a list of objects on the server that are grouped by their type, i.e. by Group, by News Message, by Distribution tasks and by User. So it is simple to . Of course, you can select multiple items from the From / To list by holding Ctrl key.

How the searching functionality looks in the console

Advanced information is also available in the online help section at Archiving & Logging. Search for Messages and File Transfers.


Hey everyone,

we've decided to get our new users and existing customers informed on changes and additions in the Bopup software. Sometimes a lot of minor and major improvements are not listed in change logs but they are still important.

We also want to get feedback and suggestions from users on new features and implementations that could be released in future versions of Bopup Communication Server, Bopup Messenger and Bopup Observer software and those ideas will be also posted here.

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