February 17, 2010

Added smart screenshots for IM server and messenger products

Our website at www.blabsoft.com has been a little improved and re-designed. We have also added a preview of screens for our Bopup Communication Server and Bopup Messenger software based on the Litebox 2.0 engine. Review how product pages of Bopup IM server and Bopup Instant Messenger look now.

February 16, 2010

Management Console fixes and improves displaying administrative accounts and user groups

New version 3.3.12 of Bopup Communication Server has been released. It brings small interface changes regarding users with the administrative account type and showing them in the console.

Previous versions of the IM server did not allow to see a list of groups to which an administrator is currently assigned. And group profile pages did not also show assigned administrators. So sometimes it was difficult to find a list of assigned groups for the administrator and vice versa. The new version fixes this.

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February 13, 2010

Working on issue with retrieving group contacts in messenger

One of our clients has reported that he experiences a strange issue with retrieving and displaying list of group users in Bopup Messenger. Sometimes there are no users in the group, sometimes users are shown but incorrectly: they can be mixed and displayed for groups for which they are not members. Does anyone have the same troubles? We're now working on this issue.

February 8, 2010

Version 3.3.11 of Bopup Communication Server correctly handles cancelling file transfer

Today, February 8, we've released version 3.3.11 of our . It includes a small bug fix regarding file transfer beetween 2 online users. The issue occured when a recipient cancels the file transfer process and closes the dialog box. Then the server mistakenly did not notify the sender about that and the file transfer was not stopped on the sender's side.

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