December 30, 2010

Issues with uploading files and data over Internet connection have been restored

We just would like to inform that problems with our Internet provider have been resolved and now we are operating without any restriction with uploading data on our website. Thanks for patience.

December 28, 2010

Internet connection issues are detected in our office

We would like to inform our users that we are a little restricted by some way by our Internet provider. We are not able to upload large files, new versions and updates on our website for the past two days. Seems that the problems belong to outgoing traffic not to incoming so we are still able to response to e-mails and via IM system. These are our provider's issues and we hope that our Internet connection will go back to a normal state soon.
Thanks for your understanding.

December 25, 2010

New IM client update: Bopup Observer fixes a function that forces the user to change his password

Bopup Observer version 4.3.18 has been released. This version is a minor update that fixes automated if the user's password should be changed.

Previous versions of the observer worked incorrectly and opened the "My Account" window but did not move to the "Password" tab automatically. This confused the user which had to close the window every time on the observer startup.

Download new version of Bopup Observer from to update your existing version.

December 23, 2010

Bopup Messenger 5.5.4: Critical bug fix release

Bopup Messenger version 5.5.4 have been released. This version is a critical bug fix release that applies for version 5.5.3 that was released 2 days ago. The new version fixes an error with updating presence status of a user in the assigned groups list. When that error appears the messenger might show an error message box or silently close with no any exception.

Version 5.5.4 also fixes and improves the "Show only online users" checkbox that manages appearance of offline users displayed in the Contact List. Now this option also manages a list of users from assigned groups and properly shows/hides the contacts if it is called from the context menu in sending dialog boxes.

December 20, 2010

Tips & Tricks: How to copy and move Bopup IM clients to another location with no setup

This article explains and answers to the question:

Are the instant messengers, both Bopup Messenger and Bopup Observer, portable IM software?

We agree that we did not explain and throw light on this question before. We forget to say that our client-side messengers are portable software so you can copy and move Bopup Messenger and Bopup Observer applications to another folder on a hard drive, shared network location, USB flash drive or move the software to another computer/workstation and get the messengers working with no any setup and configuration.

In order to do this you need to copy/move all the files/directories from installation folder of the instant messenger. First, find and locate the installation directory of the program.

By default Bopup Messenger has it's installation folder located at <DRIVE>\Program Files\Bopup Messenger and for Bopup Observer that folder can be found at <DRIVE>\Program Files\Bopup Observer

A list of files and directories in installation folder of Bopup Messenger:
Resources\ (folder)

Copy all entries of that directory or that folder in full to any other location on a local, remote computer or a flash drive. Run the executable file (bopup.exe or observer.exe) to launch the instant messaging application.

Please note that all settings and options stored in system registry and installed via the setup.ini file including downloaded branding logo will be lost if you move the messenger to another computer. If you just move the messenger to another folder on the same computer and run it under the same Windows user account then all the settings are saved and restored.

B Labs signs a partnership with Group of Companies «Arsenal +»

We glad to inform our Russian-market clients and customers that we start to sell and distribute through our new partner and distributor, Group of Companies «Arsenal +».

About «Arsenal +»

Based in Tyumen, Russian Federation «Arsenal +» is a leading provider of IT services and software for businesses in Ural area. The company provides and offers it's services since 1993 year.

Lenina str, 15
Tyumen, Russia, 625003
Phone: +7 (3452) 79-70-70
Fax: +7 (3452) 79-70-50

December 19, 2010

Bopup Communication Server fixes connection errors and issues on IM client side

New version 3.3.22 of Bopup Communication Server has been released today. This release is a strongly recommended update for the IM server software because it fixes and resolves possible issues and errors that may occur in the instant messengers while establishing a connection with the communication server.

We received reports from our customers and noticed ourselves that sometimes the messaging client may display the "The IM server not found (#132)" error on it's startup even the communication server is running and accessible. If the IM server has the Windows Authentication (SSPI) enabled to authorize users then the "Login to the IM network" pane is shown in the messenger that forces the user to enter his logon credentials even he is logged into Windows Domain network on the computer.

This issue is related to a bug of Bopup Communication Server which can be working on initializing a new session for the client and is not able to handle a new request from the same messaging client. Then the messenger recognizes this situation as a connection error.

In order to avoid the situations and issues described above it is strongly required to upgrade your current version of Bopup Communication Server to the latest release. Download the version 3.3.22 from and just run the new setup package to update an existing server software on the fly.

December 3, 2010

Guide on installing MS SQL Server 2005 has been updated and appended

Our Step-by-Step Guide to Install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition as a Host Database Server for Bopup Communication Server that is available on our websites has been updated. This guide helps to install and setup MS SQL Server 2005 Express Edition on a computer in order to use it as a database server. Since MSDE 2000 software (shipped with the setup package of Bopup Communication Server) is not supported by latest versions of Windows then you cannot install and use it on Windows 2008/Vista/7 operational systems and higher. In order to run Bopup Communication Server on these systems you should install MS SQL Server 2005 Express Edition first.

This guide has been appended with information about SQL Server Browser service. This service, part of the SQL Server 2005, should be started if you plan to connect and manage the IM server remotely. It is also required if the communication server is installed on another computer, i.e. if both the SQL Server and Bopup Communication Server are running on different workstations.

Below is the information that has been added to the guide.

You need to configure a little SQL Server 2005 after it's installation will complete. You should enable TCP/IP protocol for it, start the SQL Server Browser service and add the SQL service to Windows Firewall exceptions list.

Start the SQL Server Configuration Manager from the "Start -> Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server 2005" menu. Then open the "SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration" and select the "Protocols" in the left tree. You must enable TCP/IP protocol and then start the SQL Server Browser service to allow connections from Bopup Communication Server to the SQL server and also to support remote connections to the database if you will install the Management Console of the communication server to administrate the IM server remotely. Select and right-click on the TCP/IP protocol in the list and select "Enable" item from the popup menu.

To start the SQL Server Browser service click the "SQL Server 2005 Services" in the left tree and double-click on SQL Server Browser, the Properties window will show up. Move to Service tab and change Start Mode to Automatic. Therefore, the service will be start automatically when the computer starts. Click OK to apply changes. Back to SQL Server Configuration Manager, right-click on SQL Server Browser on the right window and select "Start" to start the service.

Then restart the Microsoft SQL Server service from the console or reboot computer to apply changes.

Our guide on installing the SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is also valid and can be used for Microsoft SQL Server 2008. You can access the step-by-step guide at