July 29, 2011

Bopup Messenger 5.6.1 and Bopup Observer 4.4.1 fix issues with updating/removing existing common settings using a new setup.ini file

New versions of the have been released: Bopup Messenger version 5.6.1 and Bopup Observer version 4.4.1. These versions fix minor issues with deleting existing common settings from the [MESSAGING] section of the INI file on upgrade.

The new version of Bopup Messenger client also adds Ctrl+F5 hotkey in the main window to retrieve and update Contact List and assigned messaging groups from the communication server in manual mode.

We have also updated the SETUP.INI file in the Downloads section on our website because version of the configuration file did not include the most of newly added settings from the [RECEIVING] section designed for receiving group and news messages supported by the latest versions of the messengers.

Download new versions of the Bopup IM client software

July 28, 2011

Our new reseller in Russia: SoftMarket24

We have signed a partnership with SoftMarket24 company which now represents and sells our online in Russian Federation area. Our chat and IM products are available for purchase at SoftMarket24.ru

July 5, 2011

Purchase multiple IM software products at a single order page

A great improvement has been added to placing online orders functionality. Now if a customer purchases Bopup Communication Server, Bopup Messenger and/or Bopup Observer software there are no needs to fill out forms for each product separately. Just use our online calculation form to get a cost for the IM software at www.bopup.com/order/ page and click the Place online order for the IM software link appears within results. It forwards to a common checkout page of multiple IM products.