March 16, 2020

YouTube: Update process of Bopup IM Server app is too easy

We uploaded new video tutorial on our YouTube channel that shows a process how to check for new updates from Management Console of the instant messaging server, download and install new versions on-the-fly above existing app.

We noticed that many of our customers could still use prior versions of the Bopup IM software even their subscription supports new versions and updates. But installation of a new version is too simple and easy, and it only requires to download new setup package and run it on target computer — all other things and work will be done by the setup which updates app files with keeping all existing data and history. We hope that this video helps to avoid many worries belong to software upgrade procedure.

Tutorial: Updating Bopup Communication Server to a new version

March 14, 2020

Bopup Communication Server version 5.6.1 released

New update of the instant messaging server is available for download. It's recent release is version 5.6.1 which added some new functionality and fixes minor issues.

Management Console of the IM server (Dashboard screen)
What's new:

Added function to export message archive to CSV files
In addition to existing function that saves message history selected in Management Console to text files we extended the export functionality and added support to export archive to CSV files. CSV format is a text format in which the data is separated with semicolons. Such files can be opened in Microsoft Excel and similar office apps where the data is shown in different columns.

Added interface improvements in Management Console running in remote mode
This change belongs to the server console when it is running in administrator mode to manage a remote instance of Bopup Communication Server. Since the service module is running remotely in such cases then the console does not show Services and Event Log links on Dashboard screen. Also it changed a status of the service from Unknown to Running (since the remote console was  able to connect to IM server) without options to Start/Stop service.

Fixed error in remote Management Console if a wrong password is entered
There is an important fix in the server console that improves functionality of Management Console installed in administation mode. The new version fixes an error when an incorrect password is entered in the console on startup in order to connect to the server instance.

There are another fixes and mprovements that the new version 5.6.1 has.

Download Bopup Communication Server version 5.6.1 — Enterprise text messaging with Active Directory (domain) and mobile apps support

March 10, 2020

Meet Bopup IM on YouTube

We are proud to announce our YouTube channel where we will review our software, it's possibilities, explain various features including configuring and managing both the server and messenger software. This will be in form of video tutorials and help including some tips & tricks.

We believe that our videos on YouTube will be useful and helpful both for new and existing customers. Our software grew up and added many new functions and options that existing customers may not familiar with.

Today we uploaded first video video as a tutorial which explains an initial installation of Bopup IM system. It overviews a downloading process both for Bopup Communication Server and Bopup Messenger client, installation and configuring, creation of a user account on the IM server and subsequent connection from the IM client application.

The video provides subtitles in English and Russian languages that can be enabled through player controls.

March 4, 2020

Improvement update of the messenger client

We updated Bopup Messenger app for desktop and released it's version 7.2.1 This is bugfix and improvement update of the messenger software.

Version 7.2.1 added displaying thumbnail images in Message History for all types of sent and received single files. That thumbnail is shown in preview area once the file transfer is selected in the list. The thumbnail shows a small preview for delivered image files and system icon for all other types of files.

Message History dialog of the IM client app

The new release also fixes issue with duplicate messages shown in conversations. This bug came from previous version 7.2.0 and we strongly recommend to update that version to the new one.

Download Bopup Messenger version 7.2.1 — Quick and simple LAN messenger that works over Internet