May 27, 2020

New major version of Android messenger

We updated our instant messenger application for Android platform, it is Bopup Messenger version 1.10.0 This version added few important changes and enhancements that made the application more stable and useful.

Connection with IM server is kept even the device is in a sleep mode
This is much important addition that makes users to be online and accessible all time once the messenger started on their device.

The messenger wakes up the device on a new message
If device in a sleep mode then the messenger wakes it up to show notification on a new message on screen for a short time.

Few interface improvements that include new divider line in Contact List and status text on sign in
There is a minor change in Contact List interface that improved a divider line with a light gray color between contacts. It has margins on left and right edges of the screen. The app also fixes displaying status text while user signs in.

Fixed app error when service on the IM server stops
Bopup Messenger fixes error that occurs if IM service is stopped on the messaging server

Download Bopup Messenger for Android version 1.10.0 — Light, secure and fast mobile messenger for companies

May 15, 2020

Bopup Messenger for Android version 1.9.0

A new major release of Bopup Messenger for Android platform is available for download. Version 1.9 added support for 64-bit devices that were unable to run previous versions of the application.

The recent release also improves overall stability of the messenger which now remains working even it is removed from Tasks on the phone. Another improvement relates to outgoing messages, the messenger now removes all spaces and break lines at the end of text when a message is sent. The Sign in screen also shows a status of initialization, receiving groups and contacts under progress bar element.

Download Bopup Messenger for Android version 1.9.0 — Safe, internal and useful instant messenger for companies

May 3, 2020

A major update of Bopup Messenger for Android

New version 1.8.0 of Bopup Messenger for Android platform is available. In this release we added and improved a huge number of optons, and fixed many issues.

Time of last message is shown in Contact List and it's color depends on an age of the message 
A great addition is that now time of last message is shown in front of user/group in the Contact List. The time is also has different text color because it depends on an age of the last message: Most recent message are darker, and the color changes gradually to very light-gray if it was sent more than 6 hours ago.

Fixed an issue with connection to IM server that could occur on many Android phones and tablets
There was an issue in the messenger app when it returned #5000 error on presssin Sign in button on the Login page. That could be slow or busy device issue when internal resources of the application had not been initialized properly.

A huge number of other fixes, improvements and changes
There are too many minor fixes and improvements in application layout and design such as About dialog, conversation messages, and network connectivity.

Download Bopup Messenger for Android version 1.8.0 — Self-hosted, corporate, secure. IM client for business.