January 3, 2010

Is the branding of the IM software required for a company?

To what extent is the functionality to brand required for companies and business entities? Is this needful to get the branded if a company purchases the software?

We agree that branding is the most important key to embed the to the working environment much better and intergrate it within a company's identity, existing servises and software. But another question is: what is an ease of the branding, what is time and cost to get the branded with a company's logo/image?

There are several ways that are usually provided by software vendors to their customers:
  • Custom installation packages of the software that are already branded with a customer's image.
  • Manual deployment of the branding to the end-user messengers including copying files, configuring settings, etc.
  • Supporting on-the-fly deployment of the brand logo that is uploaded on a to get visible in the connected messengers.
OK, if the company has hunreds and hundreds user workstations it is impossible to tune each messenger and to handle branding manually. If a vendor provides custom setup packages to his customers then he must build and provide a lot of custom installations when a new version of the messenger goes live. Then the most quite way is an ability to upload a brand logo on the IM server to get the branded dynamically.

Bopup Communication Server provides a functionality for the on-the-fly branding, it allows to upload an image and set an URL that will be open when a user clicks on the logo in the messenger. The steps below describe how that is quick and easy:

1. Start the Management Console and go to the "" view.

2. Scroll down to the Branding and click "Upload new brand logo" link.

3. Browse a BMP file you want to upload as a brand logo. You can also enter a custom URL to associate it with the image. The URL can be internet/extranet link started with the 'http://', 'https://' or 'www.', link to a network resource with '\\' prefix or to a local file with 'file://'.

4. Currently uploaded logo is shown in the preview of Bopup Messenger client.

You can also refer to the online help of the Bopup Communication Server product at IM Client Updates & Branding to see how the Branding feature looks in the console.

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