July 25, 2010

Major update of Bopup Communication Server 3.3.16 is available

New version of the communication server has been released. Version 3.3.16 adds a lot of improvements and fixes amount of bugs.

Increased speed and performance of the server on MS SQL Server 2005 Express Edition.
This version adds "AUTO_CLOSE" option set to OFF for SQL database which increases a performance of the IM server because it tells the SQL Server to do not close the database if last connection has been closed. This issue appears only on MS SQL Server 2005 Express Edition that can be installed as a host database server using our guide at Step-by-Step Guide to Install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition as a Host Database Server for Bopup Communication Server.

Fixed and improved option of rebuilding users' Contact List on the server.
If the server enables option to automatically rebuild Contact Lists for all users and there are several Organizational Units in which users are located then the service and console might bring an SQL error while rebuilding contacts. The new version of the communication server fixes this problem.

Fixed issues with stopping the service.
Sometimes the service could not be properly stopped and it stayed in memory. This caused a problem with starting the service again and the service's process must be removed from Task Manager (bcssrvc.exe module) first. We improved the code and now the service should be stopped without issues.

The Management Console added a section to view www.bopup.me blog.
The console added a new item in the left tree called "Our blog at www.bopup.me". That item opens and displays this blog and we hope that it will help our customers to stay updated and informed on our development process and news.

Update your Bopup Communication Server software by downloading new installation package from Download Center at www.blabsoft.com

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