December 19, 2010

Bopup Communication Server fixes connection errors and issues on IM client side

New version 3.3.22 of Bopup Communication Server has been released today. This release is a strongly recommended update for the IM server software because it fixes and resolves possible issues and errors that may occur in the instant messengers while establishing a connection with the communication server.

We received reports from our customers and noticed ourselves that sometimes the messaging client may display the "The IM server not found (#132)" error on it's startup even the communication server is running and accessible. If the IM server has the Windows Authentication (SSPI) enabled to authorize users then the "Login to the IM network" pane is shown in the messenger that forces the user to enter his logon credentials even he is logged into Windows Domain network on the computer.

This issue is related to a bug of Bopup Communication Server which can be working on initializing a new session for the client and is not able to handle a new request from the same messaging client. Then the messenger recognizes this situation as a connection error.

In order to avoid the situations and issues described above it is strongly required to upgrade your current version of Bopup Communication Server to the latest release. Download the version 3.3.22 from and just run the new setup package to update an existing server software on the fly.

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