January 9, 2011

BOPUP.COM is set as our primary domain name

We would like to inform our clients and partners that our primary domain name has been changed to www.bopup.com domain. For the past 8 years we have the www.blabsoft.com as our primary domain name and now the time has come to change it.

As you may know we already have several localized domain names that work and appear in German, Spanish and Russian languages. They are www.bopup.de, www.bopup.es and www.bopup.ru domains. And now www.bopup.com is available as our global and international website.

Do not worry about www.blabsoft.com domain if you have any links, shortcuts or e-mail addresses associated with it. All links to our old domain and existing e-mail addresses ending with @blabsoft.com stay working.

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