April 24, 2011

Meet our UK software reseller: QBS Software Limited company

We extend our software distribution channels and know how this question is important. We are proud to inform our customers in UK area that we start to sell our Instant Messaging (IM) and chat software products throught QBS Software Limited company, the largest, famous and leading software supplier in Europe.

About QBS Software Limited

Established in 1987 to provide tools to the developer community, QBS Software has expanded to become a leading software supplier in Europe providing thousands of products to developers, designers, IT Managers, Network Administrators, DBAs and Corporate Buyers. Products range from IDEs to code tools, components to Installation tools as well as security, reporting, installation, web, database, help creation, system tools and application software.

QBS has developed a keen expertise in product marketing and management alongside sophisticated in-house publishing and fulfilment. We have an extensive network of industry connections and commercial relationships with software publishers and vendors throughout the world, many of whom rely on QBS Software to build strong markets for them in the UK and Europe. QBS Software is an active participant in leading industry exhibitions, conferences and roadshows and works closely with various user groups.

The QBS web site is an integral part of our business, providing up-to-date news and product information and a practical and secure online purchasing facility.

We also provide software immediately via ESD (Electronic Software Delivery) for certain products.

Visit QBS Software Limited website at www.qbssoftware.com

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