August 10, 2011

Known issue: Bopup Communication Server service disappears from Windows Services list

Sometimes due to unknown reasons Bopup Communication Server may disappear from Services List in Windows so the communication server stops working. In order to resolve this problem you have to register the service manually to get it visible and start from the Management Console again. Follow the step below to register the service file.

  1. Open installation directory of the communication server in Windows Explorer. By default that directory is located at \Program Files\Bopup Communication Server. 
  2. Click Start menu and choose Run... option from there. This will open a command field.
    Select bcssrvc.exe file (communication service) and drag-n-drop it from opened folder to the Run... text field. 
  3. Type /service command line argument after full path of the inserted service file so the run string looks like as "PATH\bcssrvc.exe" /service. 
  4. Press Enter to run the command and register the communicaton server in Windows system. Then open the Management Console and start the service.

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