July 22, 2021

Renew subscription for Bopup IM Upgrade Service with great discounts!

We are proud to announce that renewal of Upgrade Service subscription is now available with 20% and 30% discounts! The Upgrade Service offers the use of new versions of self-hosted Bopup IM including both communication server and messenger clients. The service subscription for 1st year is added for free to an initial purchase cost of the IM software but subsequent periods are paid annually. Now new customers may purchase the IM products with subscription for 2-year period with 20% discount or for 3 years with 30% discount.

There are also discounts available for Hosted IM that we also offer. The IM service for 6 months can be purchased with 5% discount and 10% off is available on purchase of 12-month service subscription.

We would be also glad to offer the discounts above to all of our existing customers. Contact us via sales@bopup.com email to get more information.

Renew Upgrade Service subscription with 20% and 30% discounts

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