October 14, 2010

Bopup Messenger 5.5.0: Tune the messenger as you want!

New version 5.5.0 of Bopup Messenger has been released. This major build includes a huge number of usability improvements and enhancements which offer to tune and use the messenger more effectively.

Added ability to disable the "Today's Messages" screen

Now the messenger supports disabling the "Today's Messages" tab and pane with received messages by user's current session. This will let use the messenger as a standard messaging client with Contact List shown in the main window.

Added option to use only single sending dialog

New setting that restricts opening multiple sending sessions is added. Now Bopup Messenger can operate with a single sending dialog box without using several sending windows in the application.

News Messages are now shown in the Contact List

This interface improvements adds incoming News Messages to Contact List under the "News" root. Since the "Today's Messages" screen can be now disabled in the program then a user is able to access and read News from the Contact List.

Conversations now contain user's text font and color

Another great improvement relates to conversations between you and sender in the sending sessions. Now the conversations includes text font and color settings that are applied to both sent and received messages.

Both sent and received messages are now shown in conversations even a local Message History is not logged

New version of Bopup Messenger extends its functionality and shows conversations between you and other users/groups/news even logging local Message History is not enabled.

Sending dialogs are now shown in the Task Bar area

Tried to find open sending dialog boxes on your Desktop? Now the messenger adds its open sending sessions to Task Bar and it is easy and quickly to find and switch between sessions or from another applications.

Added new hidden settings to setup.ini configuration file

Two new hidden options have been added to the setup.ini file.
The first setting called "DisableExtendedSendingDialog" hides Contact List in sending dialog boxes. And the second "DisableRestoreSendingDialog" option disables restore minimized sending windows if a new message comes.

Fixed opening links/addresses/URLs shown in messages

This bug fix related to internet/network/etc addresses shown as links in instant messages. Sometime it was impossible to open some addresses by clicking the link and new version of Bopup Messenger fixes this problem.  

Download Bopup Messenger version 5.5.0 from our Download Center at www.bopup.com

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