October 3, 2010

New version 4.3.15 of Bopup Observer comes with small improvements and enhancements

Version 4.3.15 of Bopup Observer is available. The new version of this secure one-way messenger provides small improvements and bugfixes. See the changed below.

Extended support of SETUP.INI configuration file

Added support of the "DisplayMode" option in the setup.ini file to format displayed user names. This value contols how to display user names in the program interface. The "DisplayMode" setting is located under the [CONTACTS] section and previously this value was used only by Bopup Messenger client. Please note that the option cannot be changed from a program interface, it can be set only as a common option on installing/deploying the software.

The setup.ini configuration file also contains the [HIDDEN] section. Options from that section are used to control and tune the messaging clients more efficiently. Since options under this section are hidden then they are not shown as standard checkboxes in the messengers. The new version of the observer now can override previously set hidden options when a new hidden options are specified in the setup.ini configuration file on version upgrading.

For more information on download the setup.ini file or refer to our IM Software FAQ section.

GUI and functionality bug fixes

Fixed an availability of the "Log history" menu item if common option is set. There was a bug in the messenger when a logging history option can be managed by a user from main menu even that option was set as common and non-changed for all users on a computer.

This version also fixes opening URL/network/e-mail and other types of links shown in incoming messages.

Download new version from www.bopup.com/downloads/

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