January 2, 2018

Evaluate IM clients easily and quickly using Bopup.me server

We are proud to annouce a launch of shared instance of Bopup Communication Server running on Bopup.me webserver. The main idea of the new IM server is a rapid introduction to our Bopup Messenger and Bopup Observer clients without a need to install and configure a stand-alone copy of the communication server in a local environment.

A shared copy of the communication server

The new IM server is running all time 24/7 and it gives an apportunity for our new customers to quickly and instantly test and evaluate instant messaging software, and see to how IM works and looks.

In order to connect and use the public IM server we created few test accounts with the following credentials:

Login: user
Password: user

Login: admin
Password: admin

Login: demo
Password: demo

Using these test accounts will allow to exchange instant messages between different users or even send messages in offline. The IM server allows to connect from Windows desktop clients and from Android devices.

It is easy to start using this shared insance of the commication server. Just type bopup.me address in the messaging client and enter credentials of one from the test accounts above.

Visit Bopup.me website for more information

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