September 12, 2018

New version 5.2.8 of Bopup Communication Server

We updated our Bopup Communication Server product and it's version 5.2.8 is available for download at

Among few minor fixes and improvements the new version creates and writes a log file for Active Directory (LDAP) integration function. So it is possible to check what user accounts were found and imported, and what not.

There is also an important fix for intercommunication between Management Console and service module. We found and fixed a critical issue when the server console run under non-administrator user account or remotely to manage an existing instance of the messaging server. The service did not get and process all delivered data via TCP/IP correctly so some data became missing. This could cause different issues on sending instant messaging from the console to multiple users and groups, adding/removing accounts and updating users' contacts, and many others. So we highly recommend to update an existing versions to the recent release.

Download Bopup Communication Server version 5.2.8 — On-premise instant messaging server that encrypts and logs all data

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