March 1, 2021

Bopup IM server adds close and automated intergration with LDAP

New version 5.8.0 of Bopup Communication Server is available for download. This release added a lot of new functionality for updating and syncing user accounts with Active Directory catalog in an automated mode. The server also added linking between imported Organizational Units and Groups that allows to synchronize and update user location and assignment to various messaging groups even those object were renamed.

In the new version we improved built-in bcscmd.exe command line tool which added new /LDAP parameter to connect to LDAP and import/update users. There are update, sync and syncall parameters are also used within it to run the import process in a proper mode and bygroups switch which is optional.

Use the following switches to run the program from a command line interface: 
bcscmd.exe [OPTIONS]                                                         
/N <news>         - Name of existing News message to send.                   
/G <group>        - Name of existing user group to send message to.          
/U <user>         - Name of existing user account to send message to.        
/M <"message">    - Text of message to send (for /G, /U, /A switches).       
/A                - Send message to all user accounts on the server.         
/OFFLINE          - Save the message as offline for delayed delivery         
                    if some from recipients are not available (for /G, /U    
                    and /A switches).                                        
/URGENT           - Deliver message with urgent priority (for /G, /U and     
                    /A switches).                                            
/DB <"file_path"> - Create SQL database backup file in specified location.   
/LDAP [update|sync|syncall] [bygroups]                                       
                  - Import/update user accounts within information from      
                    Active Directory catalog.                                
Bopup Communication Server version x.x.xx.xxxx command line utility.         
(C) 2000– B Labs. All rights reserved.                                       

Let's see how to use each mode:

bcscmd.exe /LDAP update — Run the user update process from Active Directory by OU criteria. In this mode only existing user accounts on the IM server will be updated with a new infomation. The tool will also update assigments to synced messaging groups and location of users within OU tree if synced units are found;

bcscmd.exe /LDAP update bygroups  — Same process as above but the import operates by LDAP Groups criteria. In this mode users will not be relocated to another OU on the server.

bcscmd.exe /LDAP sync — Import only new user accounts from Active Directory by OU criteria, create new messaging groups or find existing synced to assign the users to. In this mode new Organizational Units will be created or existing synced will be used on the server to place newly imported users to.

bcscmd.exe /LDAP sync bygroups — Same process as descibed above by using Groups criteria.

bcscmd.exe /LDAP syncall — This is a new mode which is not supported by Active Directory Import Wizard tool. It adds new users from the catalog and disables all existing accounts on the communication server that are not found in Active Directory.

bcscmd.exe /LDAP syncall bygroups — Same as above by using Groups criteria to find and import users.

There are also important notice. In case if non-current account must be used to connect to LDAP and/or initial OU path must be specified then those credentials and data must be entered in LDAP Integration dialog even that function is not used.

Download Bopup Communication Server version 5.8.0 — Enterprise solution for quick and secure instant messaging with advanced options

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