September 12, 2010

New versions of the messengers add support for a pre-existing branding logo

New versions of Bopup Messenger 5.4.16 and Bopup Observer 4.3.14 are available for download. The latest releases come with the support of a pre-existing branding logo image file that can be placed near the MSI setup package during installation of the applications.This works similar to pre-configured settings in the Setup.ini file. Create and place your company logo/image with the brand-logo.bmp filename into the same folder where the MSI package is located. When the messenger will be installing or deploying via GPO it will find and use that image file as a common branding logo in the software. Of course, the logo will be always overwritten when you upload a new logo image on Bopup Communication Server from the IM Client Updates & Branding view. For more information about support of pre-existing branding image please refer to the FAQ section at Frequently Asked Questions on IM software

The new version of Bopup Messenger also improves multiple selection in the Contact List area. Now this works like Window Explorer works: when you right-click on currently selected contacts your selection is not cleared.

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