September 12, 2010

Send instant messages from the IM server using a command line interface

New version 3.3.19 of Bopup Communication Server have been released. It includes new great functionalities which allow you to send instant messages directly from the Management Console and from a command line interface.

Sometimes it is required to send a personal message to user or send group messages directly from the Management Console, for example you want to send an urgent event or important message. Now there are no needs to create a News message or run the messenger on the server computer to perform this task for a single time. Just select and right-click on a user account or messaging group in the console and choose "Send instant message" from the pop-up menu. This functionality offers to send urgent and offline messages if recipients are not available at the present moment. Refer to the product documentation to see how to send personal instant messages to users.

Another great feature helps you to perform sending messages from the IM server using a command line interface. The new version of the server includes the bcscmd.exe module. You can find this file in the installation directory of Bopup Communication Server. This command line utility allows you to send news and instant messages using command line switches and parameters. So now you can access the server and deliver messages to users and groups from third-party applications, scripts or batch files. For more information about supported command line arguments and switches, please refer the Using BCSCmd.EXE command line tool topic.

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