December 22, 2012

Great updates of the IM software!

Today is the time to release great updates both of the IM server and messenger software. We released new releases of Bopup Communication Server version 4.1.3, Bopup Messenger 6.1.3 and Bopup Observer 5.1.2

What's new:

Automated rebuild of Contact Lists on the IM server works better and smoothly
The latest version of the communication server improves function of rebuilding users' contacts when some minor or great changes occur in user structure. Now status of Contact Lists are changed in the db even administrator declines immediate rebuild if users are moved to another Organizational Unit, accounts enabled/disabled or permissions have been edited for some OU. This gives a possibility to rebuild contacts manually from the Options dialog when all changes in the console are done.

Update contacts in the messenger on-the-fly
Another great addition in the software is automated delivery of newly built Contact Lists to connected users when the contacts have been manually and automatically re-organized in the Management Console. In this case the server notifies online users and force them to retrieve their Contact List again. Now rebuilt buddy lists are shown in the messenger instantly without it's restart and reconnect.

Send files faster and do not want for a recipient's response
The server adds new option that extends File Transfer functionality. It allows to transmit files and folders immediately on the server first even the recipient is online. Thus the sender has to do not wait while the recipient accepts or declines the transfer because the server receives it instantly. The new option can be found on the File Transfer page of the Options dialog box in the Management Console.

Fixed saving and restoring positions of the messengers on Desktop
Since prior versions of the messenger software added function to show the IM client on the Taskbar some our customers were experience issues with showing messenger windows on user's desktop. The new updates fix those issues that occurred if user closes minimized window from Taskbar.

No invalid text appended on sending graphic "smiles" in messages
Bopup Messenger fixes error when strange symbols appended and displayed on recipient's side after some graphic smiles.

Receive and find received files and documents easily
The latest versions of the messengers add new settings on the File Transfer tab in the Options dialog that allows to create sub-folder to place a received data and includes sender's name. In addition to existing option that create the same subdirectory named current date it is easy now to find files and documents received in the past. By the way, that setting are now moved to user's interface and available on the File Transfer page.

Conversations include group messages too within received private messages
The latest version of Bopup Messenger shows group messages too within personal messages received from selected contact when you open a conversation dialog (sending message window). Group messages sent by that user are marked with green color while personal messages received from him are red and ours messages are always blue.

Download latest versions of the IM software now

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